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Find the best FIT for you

Basic Fit Checking

If you’re looking for a low-cost account with all the features to help manage your money, this account is for you.


Option to eliminate monthly fee.

No frills, basic features

Mutual Federal ATM fee reimbursement

Consultation with an Investment Officer

Modern Fit Checking

If you want ID protection, fraud prevention, and cost saving benefits for you and your family, this account is for you.


Option to reduce or eliminate monthly fee.

Security and Savings Package

Earn interest at a balance of $1000+

Free checks for customers age 50+

Consultation with an Investment Officer

Classic Fit Checking

If you're interested in growing your money by earning interest, this account is for you.


Option to reduce or eliminate monthly fee.

Tiered interest plan with bonus rates

Free official checks and money orders

Free Overdraft Sweep transfers

Free checks for customers age 50+

4 non-Mutual Federal ATM fee reimbursements

Consultation with an Investment Officer

Smart Fit Checking

If you're a high school or college student and you're watching your expenses, this account is for you.

Free For Students

Must provide proof of enrollment.

60 Months of free checking

Mutual Federal ATM fee reimbursement

Easy Fit Checking

If you currently do not have a banking relationship, wish to rebuild your financial strength or need to begin building healthy financial habits, consider our Easy Fit Checking Account that provides access to essential financial tools and easy-to-maintain limits that help you manage your money with confidence.

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Mutual Federal Easy Fit 2021-2022

All Of Our Checking Accounts Include:

Secure Card

SecurLOCKTM Equip

Get peace of mind by deciding how, when, and where your Mastercard® debit card is used.

Computer Screen

Online Banking

You have secure access to your accounts anytime, anywhere. Transfer money, make payments, view eStatements and more.

Mobile Notification

Mobile Banking

Do your banking anywhere with the Mutual Federal mobile banking app and all of its built-in features.


Global ATM Network

With Mutual Federal, you have access to over 55,000 fee-free ATMs through the Allpoint ATM Network.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Register your Mutual Federal debit card with the wallet on your supported device and you're ready to make purchases in stores, apps, and on-the-go without your card. 

People Pay

My People Pay

This person-to-person payment service is a fast, safe way to send and receive money online or through your mobile device. 

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Basic Fit Checking

Basic Fit Checking Overview

$100 Opening Deposit

$2.95 Monthly Service Charge

You can eliminate this monthly fee by enrolling in direct deposit or eStatements.

Mutual Federal ATM Fee Reimbursement

Complete 20 debit card transactions and receive a refund for any Mutual Federal foreign ATM charge during the statement cycle. Foreign ATM surcharge fees will still apply. 

Free Consultation with an Investment Officer

Sit down with our investment expert to talk about saving for retirement or making the most of what you have.

Modern Fit Checking

Modern Fit Checking Overview

$100 Opening Deposit

$6.95 Monthly Service Charge

This service fee can be reduced by $2 for each of the following qualifiers. Eliminate the charge completely by completing any four during the statement cycle.

  • Receive a monthly direct deposit OR sign up for eStatements
  • Maintain a $1,000 minimum daily balance OR $10,000 deposit relationship
  • Make 20 signature debit card transactions
  • Set up an automatic monthly payment from your Modern Fit checking account to your Mutual Federal mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  • Do not write any checks
  • Pay a bill using our Online Banking Bill Pay service

Security and Savings Package

IDProtect®1 Package includes:

3-in-1 Credit File Monitoring. IDProtect®  will monitor your Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit files daily, and automatically alert you if key changes occur. (Registration and activation required.)

3-in-1 Credit Report. Request a free updated credit report every 90 days or upon receipt of alert. Each new report includes an updated single-bureau credit score. (Registration and activation required.)

Total Identity Monitoring. Continuous monitoring of over 1,000 databases. (Registration and activation required.)

Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage2Receive up to $10,000 to help pay expenses, clear your name and repair damaged credit, should you become the victim of identity fraud.

Comprehensive Identity Theft Resolution Services. Should you suffer identity theft, your very own fraud resolution specialist will help you every step of the way until your credit and identity are completely restored.

Debit and Credit Card Registration. Register your credit, debit and ATM cards and have peace of mind knowing you can call one toll-free number to cancel and request replacement cards — and your liability is limited — should your cards become lost or stolen. (Registration and activation required.)

Protection from unexpected losses:

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance3Receive up to $10,000 of 24-hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. (Coverage divides equally on joint accounts and is reduced by 50% at age 70.) 

Cellular Telephone Protection4. Receive up to $300 of replacement or repair costs if your cell phone is stolen or damaged, in the U.S. and abroad.

Debit Advantage™Buyer’s Protection covers items for 90 days from the date of purchase against accidental breakage, fire, loss, or theft. Extended warranty extends the U.S. manufacturer’s original written warranty up to one full year on most new retail purchases if the warranty is less than five years.


Travel and Entertainment Discount Membership. Money-saving discounts from thousands of local and national businesses. (Registration and activation required.)

Health Discount Savings. Enjoy savings on vision, prescriptions and dental services. (Registration and activation required. This is not insurance.)

Other Features Include

Earns Interest

Although the Modern Fit requires no minimum balance, Mutual Federal pays interest once your balance reaches $1,000. Visit our rates page for current interest rates.

Free Checks For Customers Age 50+

Two free orders of standard wallet checks for account holders age 50+ every 12 months. 

Free Consultation with an Investment Officer

Sit down with our investment expert to talk about saving for retirement or making the most of what you have.

Special Insurance Program Notes:   The descriptions herein are summaries only. They do not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Insurance is offered through the company named on the certificate of insurance.

  1.  IDProtect service is a personal identity theft protection service available to account owner(s) and their family. Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as domestic partner, and children under 25 years of age and parent(s) who are residents of the same household. IDProtect benefits are available to joint account holders. Benefits are not available to a “signer” or “beneficiary” of the account who is not an account owner. Service is not available to businesses and their employees, clubs and/or churches and their members, schools and their employees/students.

  2.  Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. (AIG). The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.
  1. Plateau Insurance Company of Crossville, TN, will be our Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance underwriter.
  1. Refer to Guide To Benefit for complete details of coverage.

Insurance product is not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; not a deposit of or guaranteed by the bank or any bank.

Classic Fit Checking

Classic Fit Checking Overview

$100 Opening Deposit

$8.95 Monthly Service Charge

Eliminate this monthly fee by maintaining a $5,000 minimum daily balance OR a $25,000 combined deposit relationship.

Tiered Interest Plan with Bonus Rates

Receive a bonus interest rate on your account balance when you complete 20 debit card transactions during your statement cycle.

Free Official Checks, Money Orders, and Stop-Payment Requests

Send verified funds with official checks or money orders, and stop checks from processing without hurting your wallet.

Free Overdraft Sweep Transfers

Enroll in Overdraft Sweep, choose which accounts to link, and we will automatically transfer your money to cover overdrafts at no cost to you.

Free Checks For Customers Age 50+

Two free orders of standard wallet checks for account holders age 50+ every 12 months. 

4 non-First Bank ATM Fee Reimbursements

Receive a refund for four non-Mutual Federal foreign ATM charges during the statement cycle. Foreign ATM surcharge fees will still apply. 

Free Consultation with an Investment Officer

Sit down with our investment expert to talk about saving for retirement or making the most of what you have.

Smart Fit Checking

Smart Fit Checking Overview

$25 Opening Deposit

You must be currently enrolled in school to open a Smart Fit checking account.

No Monthly Service Charge

There is no monthly maintenance fee for 60 months. After that, your account will be converted to a Basic Fit checking account.

First Bank ATM Fee Reimbursement

Complete 12 debit card transactions and receive a refund for any First Bank foreign ATM charge during the statement cycle. Foreign ATM surcharge fees will still apply. 

Plan ahead.

Woman with groceries looking at receipt

Overdraft Protection

Life happens, we understand. Avoid overdrafts by having funds automatically transferred into your checking account from another account you have with Mutual Federal. For just $5 per transfer*, you can avoid the embarrassment of "non-sufficient funds". 

*No charge for Classic Fit account holders.

What Else You Should Know

Clerk accepting credit card from customer

Overdraft Privilege

For additional protection, Overdraft Privilege authorizes you to overdraw your checking account up to the disclosed limit in order to cover your transaction for just $30 per item. If you already have Overdraft Protection, Overdraft Privilege can serve as a secondary coverage if needed. 

Standard coverage includes checks, ACH-automatic debits, recurring debit card payments, online Bill Pay items, internet banking transfers, telephone banking, and teller window transactions. 

Extended coverage includes all standard transactions PLUS ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions with your consent. 

What Else You Should Know


"The employees are very nice and helpful. And I love their new locations in Piqua and Sidney."

-Doug L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mutual Federal's routing number?

The routing number for Mutual Federal is 274970791. 

What do I need to open an account?

When opening an account, you will be asked to provide the New Accounts Representative with two forms of identification. One must be a photo ID, preferably with your current address. Should the address on your photo ID not match your current address, two pieces of mail with your current address will be requested. Bills and a copy of your lease are both acceptable. 

You will also need to provide basic information such as your birth date, Social Security number, phone number, and other personal information. 

All accounts with Mutual Federal require an initial deposit to open. You may transfer money from an internal account, or fund your new account with a cash or check. 

If you're opening a joint account, identification details for all owners will be required. 

All applicants will be verified through ChexSystems, a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

I don't recognize a charge on my account.

If you have unauthorized charges on your account, it is important to act quickly to protect yourself and stop any further charges. 

Contact Us. Mutual Federal can find out more about the transaction, close your debit card, freeze your account, or take other necessary steps to protect you and your account.

Contact the Vendor. Unauthorized charges should be disputed with the vendor in question. If the charge has already been posted to your account, it may take time to get the money credited back to your account.

File a Fraud or Police Report. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may need to file a fraud report with the local police department. A report may also be necessary if the thief has attempted identity theft. Be sure to keep a copy of your police report. 

Switch Automatic Deposits and Payments. If you had to close your account or bank card due to unauthorized charges, you will need to switch everything that was direct deposited or automatically drafted from the compromised account or card. 

Monitor Your Account and Credit. Continue to monitor your new account/card closely. Consider freezing your credit report so that no one can get access to your credit file without your consent. 

My debit card is lost/stolen. What do I do now?

If your Mastercard® debit card is registered with SecurLOCK™ Equip on your mobile banking app, you can turn your card off or on with a single touch. There's no more worrying about what is happening to your card if you misplace it or ordering a new card just to find it in your coat pocket! Simply turn your debit card off until it is located. 

To report a lost or stolen Mastercard debit card contact:

Mutual Federal Customer Service Department
M-F, 8am - 5pm
(937) 498-1195

After business hours: (800) 236-2442

What kind of fees are charged when I overdraw my account?

Overdraft associated fees depend on which overdraft coverage option you have chosen. 

If you have enrolled in Overdraft Protection Sweep, we will automatically transfer funds from another deposit account you have at Mutual Federal into your overdrawn account with a $7 per transfer fee.

Overdraft Privilege, both standard and extended coverage, have a $30 per item fee. If multiple items overdraw your account on the same day, each item will be assessed an appropriate Overdraft Fee or a Return Item Fee. All fees and charges will be included as part of the Overdraft Privilege limit amount. 

For consumer accounts, there is a limit of 5 Overdraft Fees ($150.00) per day we will charge. We will not charge an Overdraft Fee if your personal account is overdrawn by $5 or less. 

If your account balance remains overdrawn for longer than 3 business days, we will charge your account a daily overdraft fee of $6 for each of the consecutive business days the account remains overdrawn, beginning with day 3. 

Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit; it is a discretionary overdraft service that can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. 

For more information on the Overdraft Privilege and Overdraft Protection programs, click here

Do I have to reside locally to open a deposit account?

Mutual Federal will not accept new deposit accounts outside of our local market area unless the customer has a previous transactional account. The market area is defined as any of the counties we have a branch in or a contiguous county to a branch location.